Mar 12 2014

Destination and the crew

Leopard-AirPortIDTel Aviv is a high serurity destination and the crew and passengers are required to pass through two security checkpoints.  When the pilots are carrying out their external inspection of the aircraft they are accompanied by one of three security guards keeping a watchful eye on activities in the vicinity of the aircraft exterior.  Your airport ID is checked on regular occasions by various security personell.  This is part and parcel of procedure and as a security pass holder it is also the pilots responsibility to check the identification of any suspicious non crew person you encounter accesing the aircraft.

Mar 12 2014

Rxtremely nice aircraf

EICAS2The Boeing 757 is an extremely nice aircraft to fly and operate in.  Amongst the flying community it is well known as a pilots aircraft.  To the non flyer this means that its handling characteristics with regard to control response and system functionality are pilot friendly.

The 757 employs an EICAS ” Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System” as a systems interface between the aircraft and crew which alerts you to any significant system malfunction.  I started my airline career as a first officer on the lockheed electra, and later flew the Boeing 727 and Airbus 300 with Hunting cargo airlines.  These aircraft are three crew aircraft that required a flight engineer to operate and monitor the aircraft systems.  I always think of the EICAS as akin to a knowelagable flight engineer over my shoulder keeping a watchful eye on the aircraft systems.  I learned so juch from in my early flying days.

Mar 12 2014

Following a good nights rest.

tel_avivFollowing a good nights rest, I report for duty at 08.30 for a 10.00 0/c departure to Tel Aviv.  The first officer is already there when I arrive busy preparing the flight plan and speaking to operations regarding the proposed flight level filed with air traffic control today.

As we are quite heavy due to a full passenger payload and additional freight we will need a new flight plan as we will be unable to make our final cruise level until we are about 3 hours into the flight.  We have been operating this route at for almost 12 months and it has been very successful.  Todays assigned aircraft is a 757/200W which has been modified with winglets which reduce fuel burn by up to 4% and also improve the climb and glide capability of the aircraft.

Mar 12 2014

The Boat

' sf conv. side runShe is a 26′ Silverton with a flybridge, single 220 hp gas engine, cruising speed of 18 knots.
Plenty of fishing space. GPS,VHF radio, all safety equipment. Cabin has a V-berth to lay down,
dinette table that seats 4, enclosed head with a sink.

Mar 12 2014


TwitProPik-1Hello, my name is Captain Mark Casey, I was born and raised around Raleigh, NC. I started fishing
at a very young age. I fished a lot on area lakes until one summer my parents and I had a vacation at
Indian Beach, NC. I had the time of my life fishing off the pier. I knew at that time what I wanted to do!
I bought my first saltwater boat in 1988 and started fishing the sound and ocean around Atlantic Beach,
NC. I fished some years down at Carolina Beach, NC, but decided Atlantic Beach was for me. In July
2002 I bought “Reel Fun” and thought it was time to start a charter service. So come join me for a day
or 1/2 day of fun, sun, fishing and sightseeing aboard the “Reel Fun”.